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vFlyer Announces Watermark Plus

Posted by larrylohrman on June 15, 2007

Today vFlyer add a service call Watermark Plus which is a image enhancing service offered as part of vFlyer that allows users to merchandise and enhance photos and images by adding text, graphics, logos and watermarks to them – quickly and easily. The service allows online sellers to:

  • Protect photos by adding visible watermarks and logos
  • Enhance photos to attract interest from buyers by adding sales, product and pricing information
  • Brand photos and include contact information by adding company logos or personal photographs

At first I didn’t understand this service because I do this kind of thing with Photoshop. But I forgot that not everyone uses Photoshop as their operating system. This allows non-technical people to quickly and easily enhance photos. A lot of agents in my office have asked me how to float text over photos like I do on brochures and and then rolled their eyes when I tell them. This is a way to get it done for flyer/brochure images without breaking a sweat.


One Response to “vFlyer Announces Watermark Plus”

  1. Thanks for the mention and you are so right…I myself and a Photoshop guru but most people aren’t – they are simply trying to sell a property and do it as quickly and effectively as possible (and would rather not pay for or learn Photoshop). We are going to be adding more functionality over time to get it closer to a Photoshop Lite Lite but our goal is just to give people a simple free way to do some of the basics.

    Oliver Muoto
    vFlyer, Inc.

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