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Real Estate Photographer Oppurtunity in Marin County, CA

Posted by larrylohrman on June 19, 2007

I just noticed there’s another RE photographer opportunity being advertised on It says:

I am the authorized distributor for Obeo, a virtual tour/web marketing company. We shoot the virtual tours you see when looking for real estate to purchase on-line. I am looking to hire a photographer to join our team for the Marin County Area.

The tools required for the job are:

– PC (not a Mac)
– High Speed Internet
– Photoshop
– Reliable transportation
– Camera Equipment: 5 megapixel camera and 24mm wide angle or better, tripod and external flashes
– Ability to present self well in front of client – in dress and behavior
– Flexible or open schedule Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
– Live in Marin County

I will train you on shooting and creating the panorama pictures – it is not difficult.

Typically, orders come in that need to be fulfilled within 3 days. The shoot normally takes about 45 minutes. (When you start, it will take longer until you get use to it.) Then it takes about 30 minutes of computer work. You’ll need to have photoshop for resizing and adjusting contrast etc. Turn around is 24 hours from when the tour was shot. This is very important.

Currently we are doing about 5 tours a week.

The pay is based on the type of tour shot. I mentioned the basic tour which takes about 45 minutes to shoot. The pay for this is $50. The next tour package up takes about 55 minutes to shoot and the pay is $65.

If you have the above items and are interested please send me some samples
of your architectural photography. (If you don’t have any, just take a few
building shots and a few inside shots that include windows.)

Take a look at for sample virtual tours and still photos.

Well maybe it’s an opportunity. I guess you have to decide that.


4 Responses to “Real Estate Photographer Oppurtunity in Marin County, CA”

  1. better but still not quite what it should be..

  2. Can’t have a Mac? That’s a deal breaker for me. Guess I’m not moving to SF!

    Before I got my own business going I considered They’re in the business of creating a larger company by sort of franchising their business (you generate the leads according to their marketing strategy, script, etc) It seemed somewhat appealing at the time but once you get your own clients their’s no comparison. I can certainly see it as an opportunity to make big bucks by starting your own company and doing this on a large scale. Not my thing though, but their is an opportunity that some are capitalizing on. I was amazed at the number of shoots that their photographers can supposedly do per day. Not that much money, but based on volume you could make decent money but you’d have to work like a squirrel on speed…and for peanuts.

  3. Justin Soles said

    This part made me go “Hmmm…”:
    “If you have the above items and are interested please send me some samples of your architectural photography. (If you don’t have any, just take a few building shots and a few inside shots that include windows.)”

    So if the only thing I need to know how to do is take “…a few building shots and a few inside shots that include windows.”, what’s the advantage to the agent of paying me vs. doing it themselves? We’ll probably both do an equally terrible job but the agent will save themselves a hundred bucks or so.

    Am I missing something here?


    PS: As far as panoramas go, I’m still not seeing this used widely in real estate listings b/c of competiting player standards (QT vs. Java vs. everything else). Maybe this is their gimmick, but as a realtor I can’t use it in any other advertising media except the web (and usually not even on MLS).

  4. Matt Stec said

    I’ve seen it few times: “must own a PC, not Mac” As I’m just happily switching to Mac I see it somewhat ridiculous unless the company provides you with some sort of a pano stitching software specifically designed and available only on a PC platform… luckily I’ll have best of both worlds with PBPC2D. but that makes me think…

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