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A Montior For Cramped Angles by Marc Lacoste

Posted by larrylohrman on June 29, 2007

I wanted to highlight Marc Lacoste’s great idea for shooting in corners for those of you that don’t frequent the flickr discussions.


8 Responses to “A Montior For Cramped Angles by Marc Lacoste”

  1. Why wouldn’t a pair of video glasses work as well or better? (small, light weight, portable, etc) There are plenty around these days mostly marketed to the “gaming” crowd. I’m thinking about buying a pair to help better compose shots taken from my pole. I do Pole Aerial Photography (PAP). I need something to use in bright sunlight.

  2. MVUS said

    I’m a bit confused here. Looks like you’re using a Nikon so are you saying you can get ‘live view’ from the viewfinder on the monitor? I thought you could only show pictures form the memory card on a video monitor?

  3. Matt Stec said

    MVUS, it’s not “live view” as such, but it’s an instant preview just after the photo was taken, same as pushing your preview button to view the photo on your LCD.
    Matt Stec Photography –

  4. Malcolm Waring said

    If you want Live View, you are limited to the Oly e-300, e-410, e-510 and that new $4k Canon.

  5. Or every consumer digicam. (and the panasonic/leica olympus based DSLR)

  6. I’m not attracted towards video glasses.
    1. There is a wire. I often go out of the room, and at least I go out of the lens FOV. Difficult if I’m tied to the camera.
    2. I care of how I look, I need to show a good apparence to customers. Video glasses are incompatible with that.

  7. Anonymous said

    Imagine how embarrassing it would be to forget about the cord, walk away, and yank over your expensive equipment.

    Forgot to mention the consumer digicams. I was shocked to find the DSLRs didn’t do liveview, and this was just last year.

    My first good camera was a new Nikon FTn so it’s not like I was a complete novice either.

  8. Malcolm Waring said

    Whoops, that’s my anonymous post.

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