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Posted by larrylohrman on July 15, 2007

To highlight a comment from Brad at, Brad says:

We’re currently researching how to offer DVD format after your tour is built with As most of you know, saving to DVD format takes a WHILE. We’re not sure, at this point. how we’re going to accomplish this …. but rest assured, we’re working on it.

It’s funny, we thought that getting to the “Download to CD” stage (original plan was .EXE) would be UTOPIA!!! Of course, technology has advanced since we introduced …. so, now the HD TV’s (generally flat … LCD or Plasma) are the norm.

Good News!!! We’ll have 18 new background music selections available this week.

Note that Brad has a blog that covers topics relating to tours.


2 Responses to “ Researching How to Offer DVD or CDs”

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  2. also recently included a batch uploading feature that should save you a load of time when building your tours. Unfortunately this new technology wasn’t available soon enough for me, so I purchased the Sellfolio 4.0 Complete software to build my tours a couple months ago. Its been working out wonderfully, but I still love! The other thing that I could not wait for was the ability to burn my tours to CD/DVD, and Sellfolio allows me to burn to CD. I’m still looking for a better solution that will integrate the ability to build online Flash tours and allow you to burn them to DVD. I’ll settle for CDs for now.

    I have multiple orders for CDs each week, and I have the Primera Bravo Pro that allows me to burn and print up to 100 CDs or DVDs at a time. Agents love them because Buyers and Sellers love them. They are always a huge hit at Open Houses.

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