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New Tech Blog for Realtors:

Posted by larrylohrman on August 14, 2007

There was a new Zillow founded blog called Geek Estate Blog, launched on back on July 31 that is intended to bring together real estate professionals and tech professionals who are interested in learning how technology can increase their business.

I’ve recently been invited to be a contributor to in the area of Photography so I’m planning on doing a real estate photography post over there about once every two weeks. This will be a great opportunity for me to have an even wider audience and spread the word to more Realtors about improving the level of their photography. The first post is going to be today 8/14.


3 Responses to “New Tech Blog for Realtors:”

  1. Larry-
    Great to have you onboard! I just set your 1st post live.

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  3. Larry,
    Great post on the Geek Estate Blog. In a future post, please consider helping readers with ideas about how to find a descent photographer at a reasonable price. I believe this is one of the biggest factors Realtors need to get over. My newest first time agent somehow viewed all recent area virtual tours in my area and picked me (i.e., best presentation, photo quality, lighting, color and PAP exterior views were her criteria). She was an “informed” buyer and did her homework. I am the most expensive: but she picked me anyway. After doing her listing, she remains very pleased and is referring me to other agents in her office. Good news just needs a kick-start.

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