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Tips and techniques for real estate photography – Directory of Real Estate Marketing Professionals

Posted by larrylohrman on August 22, 2007

Carson Coots over at is putting together a directory of real estate marketing professionals. Carson describes his inspiration for the site as follows:

“Working in the marketing department for a major home builder, I have had a very tough time locating qualified vendors to outsource our marketing initiatives to… and although I would like to do it all myself, I simply don’t have enough time to get it all done. It really is all about who you know. And I didn’t really “know” anyone who specializes in these marketing services that also understands the unique needs of home builders and real estate. Searching Google for “real estate photography Houston” or “real estate web design Austin” will result in scattered and somewhat useless results. Also, many photographers have pure flash sites, and they don’t rank well. So I decided to make my own directory of marketing professionals who specialize in the real estate industry. I hope to create an outlet for companies to get more reach, while simultaneously providing a great resource for marketing executives to find specialized talent”

Carson’s invitation to join the directory is here. In addition to the directory has a forum and a podcast.

I notice that there are already some Photography For Real Estate readers signed up in the realestateremix directory.


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