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Skamokawa Kayaking Center: Great Place For Kayaking

Posted by larrylohrman on September 15, 2007

Please excuse my off-topic post but I just got back from a great week of Kayaking on the lower Columbia river and wanted to pass on some info on this little known but great location to the several readers that expressed interest in Kayaking the lower Columbia. Skamokawa, WA is a sleepy little town in Southwest Washington on the Columbia where the Chinook Indians have lived for several thousand years and Lewis and Clark stopped to trade. In the late 1800’s Skamokawa became a fish canning center.  Skamokawa was bustling up until the 1930’s when the road came and most everyone left.

Skamokawa Kayaking center is a combination Skamokawa, WA Post Office, Cafe, Bed and breakfast, local store and Kayaking center. You can rent kayaks or launch your own. The guides are terrific! They are extremely experienced kayakers that know all the local tide, wind and weather conditions and are excellent instructors. The accommodations are very comfortable and the food is good. The area is a interesting place to kayak because of all the islands and sloughs to paddle. Despite the fact that the Columbia from Portland to Astoria has a fair amount of container ship and barge traffic this is not that big a problem for kayaks since there are so many varied places to paddle besides the shipping channel. A selection of photos from our trip is here.


One Response to “Skamokawa Kayaking Center: Great Place For Kayaking”

  1. It’s your blog, you can be off topic if you want. :).

    Thanks for sharing the great photos of your trip. It’s nice to look at something besides the interiors of houses.

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