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Photoshop Elements 6 Announced Yesterday

Posted by larrylohrman on September 25, 2007

Yesterday Adobe  released an updated version of Photoshop Elements for Windows with the Mac version due early in 2008. Now that I’m a Mac user I feel left out. Wired has an an article on the release. Macworld says PE6 has a new Photomerge and Quick Selection Tool… hopefully the same one that is in CS3.

I think for real estate work PSE 6 may be a great companion photo editor for Lightroom since it has the Transform and lens correction features still missing from Lightroom and you can do sky masking pretty effectively. If the Photomerge is the same as CS3 it is awesome! The main point is that PSE 6 may fill all the Lightroom wholes for $99.


One Response to “Photoshop Elements 6 Announced Yesterday”

  1. I didn’t think they were going to upgrade PHotoshop Elements for Mac. Good news for Mac Intel users. Still, a very looong wait.

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