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Free Flash Gallery or Slide-Show That Displays Full-screen

Posted by larrylohrman on October 4, 2007

Jim Dhaem over at pointed out a dfgallery, a free Flash slide application that he likes. The interesting feature with this application is that it will display a slide-show full screen if you give it large images (1600×1200). You can see it in operation at To get it to show full-screen click the little icon on the lower right side of the control bar at the bottom of the slide-show.

With this slide show you have to edit an XML file with a text editor instead of using it from within Lightroom like the last two Flash slide-show applications that I pointed out. Another unique feature is that this slide show can get it’s images from picassa or flickr albums.


2 Responses to “Free Flash Gallery or Slide-Show That Displays Full-screen”

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  2. Jim Dhaem said

    Here is the link for the slide show using a picasa web feed

    Load the images to picasaweb at 1600×1200 to display full screen on most computers

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