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Lightroom 1.3 Now Available – Fixes Mac Leopard Problems

Posted by larrylohrman on November 16, 2007

Adobe has released Lightroom 1.3 which is supposed to fix the problems that Mac users that upgraded to Leopard were having with Lightroom. As of the time of this post there must be a crowd of people downloading this update because the Adobe Update server appear to be running VERY slow… I think I’ll come back a try the download later today.

I’ve been waiting for this update to install my copy of Leopard since I use Lightroom too much to want to deal with Lightroom problems.


4 Responses to “Lightroom 1.3 Now Available – Fixes Mac Leopard Problems”

  1. […] You can read the rest of this blog post by going to the original source, here […]

  2. Slooowwww? Indeed! Same with the Adobe CS 3 updates.

  3. There are a bunch of Mac “fan-boys” out there waiting for Lightroom to work right under Leopard!

  4. Downloaded it this morning.
    Only took a few minutes.

    Of more interest to Nikon shooters, 1.3 supports the soon-to-be-released D3 and D300 bodies. 🙂

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