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A Template For Full Screen 360 Flash Tours

Posted by larrylohrman on November 19, 2007

This post has nothing to do with B17s except that I’ve used some images from my B17 360VR series as examples in this tutorial.

I get a bunch of questions on how I create full screen Flash panoramas and how to put a number of 360 views together into a tour so for a long while I’ve been working on a tutorial on making full screen panoramas and an HTML template with instructions on how to make a multi-view tour.

In the tutorial I explain how to download the the HTML for this template and turn it into your own tour. This HTML may look a little “scary” to someone who’s not used to hacking HTML but you don’t have to understand what it’s doing unless you want to make significant changes. All you need to make your own tour from this template is a text editor, a place on the web you can FTP to and a FTP application.

Have, fun and let us all know about improvements you make to this template. The basic design of this template is thanks to some collaboration I did with Ted Barrow of Fort Worth, TX. He suggested some rearrangements of the tour design that I started out with.


6 Responses to “A Template For Full Screen 360 Flash Tours”

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  2. Michael said

    The faster it loads, the better it is. Full screen VTs tend to go over the 7s limit of something happening. Yours Larry it at the limit thanks to the immervision player.

    There are a couple of VT layout software that helps putting things together with ease, but lately, everything got bulky, cluttered and VERY SLOW loading.

    At this moment I find that a java based layout using an older version of the 3dvista Show does the trick. The newer version of the Show are nicer, but tend to have 3 loading times… I saw VTs that load in 2 minutes… just crazy… Tourweaver… same thing.

    Messing with html and PS in doing thumbs and stuff can be ok while you do a VT here and there. But when you have 4-5 VTs a day, you need something template based that generates everything in few minutes after you got the final equirectangulars (out of ptgui or whatever)

    Something clean with flash output? I love the flashpanoramas player but it’s to tedious to implement for mass production. immervision, pretty much same thing…

    Any other ideas?

  3. Michael,
    You’re right this template is not for mass production the most I ever do is 4 or five a week so I’ve not tried to make it supper efficient. I don’t think there’s any easy way to do 4-5 a day… that’s hard work!

    I like Denis’s flashpanoramas too. I have his latest version and was thinking about doing a template for it… just haven’t got to it yet.

    The thing I like about the Immervision player is the little navigation bar that is at the bottom of both fullscreen mode and reduced size.

  4. asiavr said

    this is an awsome tutorial esp the pure player and html portion.
    next time, please show us more what pure player can do.

    lately i was quit impressed with the panorama that was created by this website:

    they used shockwave player to program tis and the effect was quit good.


  5. asiavr said

    have a question? what is the best resolution or file size in jpeg to use in pure player with the html template? (eg. 5000×2500 6000×3000)

  6. @Asiavr,
    Two things:
    1-The link you give is an excellent example of the problem that Flash solves. That is, when I click on the link when using my MacBook Pro it says “I want to load a plugin” because it uses shockwave.. not usually on Macs. So as an old PC user conditioned to never load plugins I don’t view the image. This doesn’t happen if the photographer uses Flash.

    2-To answer you second question as I say in the tutorial, the image size that I use for Flash is 3600×1800. But I stitch to 4800×2400, do photoshop repairs and fix nadir and zenith and then downsize with ~50% compression to 3600×1800.

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