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Vrmag: A 360VR Photography Online Magazine

Posted by larrylohrman on November 29, 2007

VRmag issue 28 is now online. For those that haven’t seen it before VRmag is a online 360AVR magazine with articles (45 articles in this issue) on panoramic photography show casing the work of some of the best panographers in the business. Here are just a couple of items I thought my be of interest based on recent posts and comments:

  1. PTgui Pro 7 Article by Pat St. Clair : There was a question about PTgui Pro 7 in the last post and this article is I think a particularly good look at PTgui Pro 7 and how it works.
  2. Flash Interior panorama by Patrick Cheatham : This is a link to a pano by Patrick Cheatham that illustrates a great high quality interior Flash pano. Also of interest is the tour template that Patrick has built for Flash panos.

One Response to “Vrmag: A 360VR Photography Online Magazine”

  1. this article is really nice. present time many real esatate person or other use 360 phtography for their product. its really boon. its shows best view of property.

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