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Turning Real Estate Still Photos Into Ken Burns Style “Video”

Posted by larrylohrman on December 4, 2007

I find it interesting that is promoting a new service of creating “video” from still shots you send them. An example of one of their new video tours is at the bottom of this page. Yes, I guess this could technically be called video because you could post it on youtube. But more accurately this is panning over still photos, a technique popularized by Ken Burns in the movie The Civil War.

The Ken Burns approach is actually very effective. Sharon Nyman, a Realtor in Key Largo, FL that shoots her own photos told me that when she purchased a TV spot on, spotrunner sent a well known professional videographer down to Key Largo to shoot her video. But after the video was edited the Spotrunner decided to do the Ken Burns thing on photos that Sharon had taken. She said in the end everyone in the process agreed that panning over her still photos made a better TV spot than the video that the professional had shot. Read the rest of this entry »


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Posted by larrylohrman on December 3, 2007

I’ve decided to move from to a different hosting service. This will remove some of the limitations I’ve run into here on I’ll still be using WordPress as the underlying blogging platform, which I really like. The blog will just “live” at a different physical location. The new blog will have a different design. I’m using a new wordpress theme called Zigzag3 designed by Sadish Bala. So one of these days soon the domain nameĀ will just take you to the new site.

As with all hosting changes there will be a period of 24 to 48 hours that it takes all the name servers around the world to update and get the new address through the miracle of Domain Name Server updating. During this period some people will get the old blog and some will get the new blog. For that period I’ll be posting on both the new and the old blog.

I’m using this move as an opportunity to improve the organization of the blog and all the articles etc that I’ve done over the last several years.

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360VR Flash Player Implementations Compared to QuickTime

Posted by larrylohrman on December 2, 2007

Several people have asked about which of the 3 major Flash player implementations are the “best”. Since it’s been my experience that the image displayed and the size of the equirectangular image used plays a big part in how the image looks I thought it would be instructive to do a comparison of the different Flash players all using the very same image as input.

For the comparison is used a 360VR image above of my grandson Morgan standing beside the Spruce Goose, SR71 and Atlas missile at the Evergreen Aviation Museum. Since I originally prepared the image for QuickTime I decided to include the QuickTime image. This image that was used as input to all of the players below is a 3600×1800 JPG file that is 1.15 MB. Here’s how it looks in each of the players:

QuickTime from: Apple
Pano2VR from: Garden Gnome Software
Immervision from: Immervision
FPP (Denis Chumakov) from:

By looking at the same image in all 4 players you can get a feeling for any differences in the load time, rendering or smoothness of these players. I have a hard time seeing any differences between the 4 different players. I’ll let you be the judge of the quality of the different players.

Another factor, which I haven’t compared is the ease of use of each of these players. My general assessment is that Immervision is probably the most involved and Pano2VR is probably the easiest. But there are other strong and weak points of each of the Flash players. I’ll have to leave that for another post.

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AerialPan Imaging – 360VR And Video From RC Helicopter

Posted by larrylohrman on December 1, 2007

Back in the spring of 2006 I did a post on the Aerial photography work that Tabb Firchau does. I also did a post on one of his first 360VR shots that Tabb had done from his RC Helicopter. Well Tabb has taken his aerial 360VR to the next level. His business is now called AerialPan Imaging and his site has some very cool aerial 360VR, video and still shots. He has some awesome 360VR shots over the Seattle waterfront, Puerto Vallarta, New York, Waikiki and Maroon Lake near Aspen. I love these unique images!

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