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AerialPan Imaging – 360VR And Video From RC Helicopter

Posted by larrylohrman on December 1, 2007

Back in the spring of 2006 I did a post on the Aerial photography work that Tabb Firchau does. I also did a post on one of his first 360VR shots that Tabb had done from his RC Helicopter. Well Tabb has taken his aerial 360VR to the next level. His business is now called AerialPan Imaging and his site has some very cool aerial 360VR, video and still shots. He has some awesome 360VR shots over the Seattle waterfront, Puerto Vallarta, New York, Waikiki and Maroon Lake near Aspen. I love these unique images!

Tabb makes this all look easy but it’s not. Back in the spring of 2006 Tabb told me he had around $15,000 invested in his electric RC chopper that carries a Canon 5D with 15mm lens mounted on the bottom. I see from his site he’s added a video camera. Be sure to see his video trailer here. Wow, what fun! I want a RC chopper!

This is the kind of aerial photography that is totally unique. I came very close to hiring Tabb a year or so ago for a Lake Washington waterfront listing we were competing for. I wanted to get shots of the front of the home coming in off the water. We didn’t get the listing.


4 Responses to “AerialPan Imaging – 360VR And Video From RC Helicopter”

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  2. RC Models said

    That’s a beautiful picture. What heli do you use to take these pictures? Is it a 600 class heli?

  3. Nice, really good job! Instead of expensive RC chopper you can use …kite.(
    Question: how many pictures you must to take? Only 2 or more?

  4. Bernie said

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