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Tips and techniques for real estate photography Will Be Moving Soon

Posted by larrylohrman on December 3, 2007

I’ve decided to move from to a different hosting service. This will remove some of the limitations I’ve run into here on I’ll still be using WordPress as the underlying blogging platform, which I really like. The blog will just “live” at a different physical location. The new blog will have a different design. I’m using a new wordpress theme called Zigzag3 designed by Sadish Bala. So one of these days soon the domain name will just take you to the new site.

As with all hosting changes there will be a period of 24 to 48 hours that it takes all the name servers around the world to update and get the new address through the miracle of Domain Name Server updating. During this period some people will get the old blog and some will get the new blog. For that period I’ll be posting on both the new and the old blog.

I’m using this move as an opportunity to improve the organization of the blog and all the articles etc that I’ve done over the last several years.


2 Responses to “ Will Be Moving Soon”

  1. That new theme looks nice.

  2. Have no fear, we will move with you!

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