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This Weeks Flickr Theme – The Most Challenging Home You’ve Shoot

Posted by larrylohrman on May 21, 2007

This weeks Flickr posting theme is challenging shoots. Challenging situations can be learning situations.

The photo above is easily the most challenging listing we’ve ever had. We were selling it for a personal friend otherwise we’d probably never taken this listing. This little home was built in 1904 and had two wild and crazy renters living in it. It was on an acre of land on Seattle’s east side about 15 miles from down town Seattle. At the Highpoint exit off I-90 for those that are familiar with Issaquah. It got water for a spring. It’s septic system was failed. There were 4 inoperative vehicles, several cords of wood and various other junk in the front yard. The renters kept loaded hunting rifles in the kitchen because there was a black bear that hung around the backyard. Some time after we sold this property one of the renters was arrested for illegally shooting the bear close to I-90.

Everything about this listing was challenging. despite the fact that this place is a “dump” it got more traffic than any other listing we’ve ever had. While it was on the market it was the lowest priced property on the east side area of the MLS. Our phone rang continuously and there were so many buyers and agents looking at this property that after the second day on the market the neighbor literally closed down the access road to this property. After about a week we had 10 offers. It was listed for $140,000 and sold for $170,000.

My biggest regret is that when photographing this place I didn’t get any portrait shots of the Bunk and Aaron, the renters. They were both real characters. I shot photos of everything but I missed the most important part of this property; the characters that lived there. I won’t make that mistake again!


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