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Images by Peter Aaron/Esto in October Architectural Digest

Posted by larrylohrman on September 16, 2007

Early last week I got my copy of AD in the mail and was particularly impressed by an article that Peter Aaron did the photography for. I was hoping that the AD website would include this sequence of images in the online version so I could do a post on it… and they did. I’m glad to see that AD has started putting most of their articles online. This is a case where putting the articles and photos online does not in anyway motivate me to not subscribe the the magazine. the printed images are bigger, more impressive and worth subscribing to the printed version.

One weakness of the AD website is the design of their slideshows. Each time a slide changes the browser re-frames the page to the top so it is annoying to page through a slideshow. You have to reposition the page for each image. Very annoying. I’ve given them feedback. I hope the fixed the problem. I’m surprised they would design a site this way. Oh well, they used to have very few of their articles online… now they have most of the articles and photos online, that is a big improvement.

Peter Aaron is fast becoming one of my favorite Architectural photographers. This series of images I think is particularly well composed and lit. As far as I can tell he has used minimal lighting. I can find very little evidence of any lighting. Of coarse that’s what good lighting looks like… it looks like the lighting is natural. Can anyone see what he is doing in the way of lighting? The image above and others in the sequence are beautifully done considering what the difference in brightness between inside and outside must be. The back of the shelf in the middle of the image above is almost as well exposed as the side of the building across the street. I is an overcast day which is the best kind of light for shooting this kind of space.

I also like the way he has taken a shot from one of the apartments across the street to give a high-angle context shot of the whole apartment and a twilight shot besides. A very will done shoot!


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Julius Shulman Photos this Month on

Posted by larrylohrman on August 16, 2007

This month has images by the great Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman. These photos are a retrospective look at photos of architecture designed by the famous architect Richard Neutra.

Is that a light reflecting in the far window? We have to cut Shulman some slack… he didn’t have Photoshop to fix reflection problems.

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Derry Moore: Photographing Residences and People Around The World

Posted by larrylohrman on July 7, 2007

I like to study images of well known Architectural Photographers. As we’ve talked about many times before, architectural photography and real estate photography are very different. Different clients, different budget and frequently very different equipment. But as different as they are I think real estate photographers can draw inspiration and ideas from the work and techniques architectural photographers. Architectural photography is just real estate photography on steroids. What real estate photographer wouldn’t like to raised themselves to this higher level of achievement and fees?

I regularly read Architectural Digest to study and enjoy the photographs. Today I got the August issue of AD and an article on Derry Moore caught my eye. Derry Moore, the 12th Earl of Drogheda, is an architectural and portrait photographer that besides being a member of the titled aristocracy of the UK travels around the world doing portraits and architectural photography for the rich and famous. Moore has a very distinctive style. Muted, misty, delicately lit images that look like like they are from the17th or 18th century.

The images in the AD article have a somewhat different look (not quite as 18th century) than the images on Moore’s website. Unfortunately, they don’t have the AD website updated for the August issue yet so I can’t give you a link. The good news is that as of a few months ago the AD website now is putting a condensed form of many of the magazine articles on the web site so when they get the site updated for August 2007 the Derry Moore article may be on the AD site.

One of the interesting things that happen when a photographer like Moore becomes successful and has found a personal style or vision that financially successful that clients seek out is their style becomes almost a trademark. I think your personal style grows out of your “bag of tricks” or work flow that you like and use over an over as well as your personal vision.

Moore did a book of his photographs in the Fall of 2006 called “Rooms” which celebrates some of the most luxurious and bold interiors around the globe and the creative sensibilities of the people who inspired them.

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