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Realtors Who Do Their Own Photography: Gary Harryman

Posted by larrylohrman on June 21, 2007

Since there are many Realtors that read this blog that do their own photography I thought I’d highlight some of the Realtor-photographers that come to my attention. Last June I did a post on Sharon Nyman a Realtor in Key Largo, Florida. Sharon does very nice work!

Another Realtor who shoots his own listings is Gary Harryman, a Realtor in Topanga (Eastern Malibu), CA. Gary was featured in that article in that May 27, 2007 LA Times article that I pointed out a couple of weeks ago. The times article says:

Harryman has had a lifelong interest in photography — he had his first darkroom when he was 10 years old — and has a master’s degree in sculpture. “I see every house as a work of art — specifically, a sculpture. And I try to exhibit it on our website in as flattering a light as a curator does a sculpture exhibition in a museum or gallery,” he said.

His wife, who is also a real estate agent, keeps their website up-to-date. It’s not unusual for her to make changes to it several times a day.

Gary’s obviously uses his site as a powerful tool for signing up listing clients. When the competition for listings is high it helps to have a great, deal closing website. He features large numbers of large (900×600) photos and large flash slide shows with 50 to 70 images. He uses photography to go above and beyond to promote his listings.


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