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The Future of Video in Real Estate Marketing?

Posted by larrylohrman on May 18, 2007

Recently I took a car trip and was catching up on my Podcasts. I listened to an episode of the Inside Digital Photo Podcast that interviewed Dirck Halstead. Halstead is the famous Photojournalist that covered the Guatemalan Civil War at age 17 and was awarded the Robert Capa Gold Medal for his coverage of the fall of Saigon. After spending all of his entire career shooting for print media (newspapers and magazines) Dirck is now preaching that all photojournalists should be trained in video. His argument is that most newspapers are “hanging by a thread” and are not going to be a significant force in the future because the web is going to become the dominant media for journalism. And video will be the most effective medium for the web. He claims that many newspaper still shots are now “grab” shots from video because young photojournalists are using HD video cameras. He sited The Dallas Morning News and The San Francisco Chronicle.

I was struck by the parallels I’ve seen in Real Estate marketing in the last several years. The web has become the dominant media with in the last few years. When I started working full in real estate in 1999 we ran a weekly ad in the local Issaquah Press and actually got calls from the homes we ran in the ad. We also advertised in the Sunday Seattle Times. This last year we stopped running our weekly ad in the local paper because it was no longer effective and get very few calls from ads we run in Seattle Times. Between 1999 and 2007 print media advertising in real estate has completely been overtaken by the web.

What does the rise of importance of the web have to do with video? Video is a natural media for the web. Over the last couple of years it’s getting easier and easier to use video on the web. The great training videos on are an example of the new innovative use of video. Will something like this happen in real estate marketing?

I know some think it will but I haven’t seen compelling use of video in real estate marketing. Sharon Nymann in Key Largo showed me this spot ad she had made over a year ago. But this is not shot with a video camera; it’s made from a series of stills that Sharon shot herself. You can create video sequences like this with programs like Imagematics.

Perhaps I have bias for still photography. For now I love making little video clips of my grandson but I just can’t get into using it for real estate marketing.


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