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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category Will Be Moving Soon

Posted by larrylohrman on December 3, 2007

I’ve decided to move from to a different hosting service. This will remove some of the limitations I’ve run into here on I’ll still be using WordPress as the underlying blogging platform, which I really like. The blog will just “live” at a different physical location. The new blog will have a different design. I’m using a new wordpress theme called Zigzag3 designed by Sadish Bala. So one of these days soon the domain name will just take you to the new site.

As with all hosting changes there will be a period of 24 to 48 hours that it takes all the name servers around the world to update and get the new address through the miracle of Domain Name Server updating. During this period some people will get the old blog and some will get the new blog. For that period I’ll be posting on both the new and the old blog.

I’m using this move as an opportunity to improve the organization of the blog and all the articles etc that I’ve done over the last several years.


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Interview With Scott Sheppard of Inside Digital Photo

Posted by larrylohrman on October 12, 2007

Today I had a pleasant surprise. Scott Sheppard of interviewed me for his “Inside Digital Photo Broadcast Radio Program” that airs on Saturdays on AM 1550 KYCY San Francisco. The interview will not air until Sat 10/20 (because a Scott Kelby interview is scheduled for this Sat). Once the show airs it will also be available via Podcast and directly from Scott’s Website. Of coarse the interview topic was RE photography, this blog and my new e-book.

I’m a regular listener to Scott’s Inside Digital Photo Podcast and never dreamed I’d be on Scott’s interview line-up with guys like Scott Kelby, John Paul Caponigro and Vincent Versace. Really, I’m not making this up! Oh well, they say, “fake it until you make it”. I noticed that Scott started interviewing bloggers this last summer when he interviewed David Hobby from I’m not really sure what got me onto this rarefied list of who’s who in photography. Maybe I’m just the only one talking about real estate photography. I’ll post the links to the audio and Podcast around 10/22 when the program is available. In the mean time catch me in the San Francisco area on Sat 10/20 on AM 1550.

This was so much fun I may go on a book tour!

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Skamokawa Kayaking Center: Great Place For Kayaking

Posted by larrylohrman on September 15, 2007

Please excuse my off-topic post but I just got back from a great week of Kayaking on the lower Columbia river and wanted to pass on some info on this little known but great location to the several readers that expressed interest in Kayaking the lower Columbia. Skamokawa, WA is a sleepy little town in Southwest Washington on the Columbia where the Chinook Indians have lived for several thousand years and Lewis and Clark stopped to trade. In the late 1800’s Skamokawa became a fish canning center.  Skamokawa was bustling up until the 1930’s when the road came and most everyone left.

Skamokawa Kayaking center is a combination Skamokawa, WA Post Office, Cafe, Bed and breakfast, local store and Kayaking center. You can rent kayaks or launch your own. The guides are terrific! They are extremely experienced kayakers that know all the local tide, wind and weather conditions and are excellent instructors. The accommodations are very comfortable and the food is good. The area is a interesting place to kayak because of all the islands and sloughs to paddle. Despite the fact that the Columbia from Portland to Astoria has a fair amount of container ship and barge traffic this is not that big a problem for kayaks since there are so many varied places to paddle besides the shipping channel. A selection of photos from our trip is here.

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I’ll be Offline At Skamokawa For One week – Until Sept 16

Posted by larrylohrman on September 8, 2007

Starting tomorrow (Sun 9/9) I’ll be “off the grid” for a week (until Sun 9/16). We are participating in a kayaking adventure based a Skamokawa on the lower Columbia river. We’ll be retracing some part (the easy part) of the Lewis & Clark expedition via kayaks. As my son says, “dodging the wakes of container ships will probably detract somewhat from the authenticity of the trip”.

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Real Estate Photographer Oppurtunity in Marin County, CA

Posted by larrylohrman on June 19, 2007

I just noticed there’s another RE photographer opportunity being advertised on It says:

I am the authorized distributor for Obeo, a virtual tour/web marketing company. We shoot the virtual tours you see when looking for real estate to purchase on-line. I am looking to hire a photographer to join our team for the Marin County Area.

The tools required for the job are:

– PC (not a Mac)
– High Speed Internet
– Photoshop
– Reliable transportation
– Camera Equipment: 5 megapixel camera and 24mm wide angle or better, tripod and external flashes
– Ability to present self well in front of client – in dress and behavior
– Flexible or open schedule Monday – Friday 9am-5pm
– Live in Marin County

I will train you on shooting and creating the panorama pictures – it is not difficult.

Typically, orders come in that need to be fulfilled within 3 days. The shoot normally takes about 45 minutes. (When you start, it will take longer until you get use to it.) Then it takes about 30 minutes of computer work. You’ll need to have photoshop for resizing and adjusting contrast etc. Turn around is 24 hours from when the tour was shot. This is very important.

Currently we are doing about 5 tours a week.

The pay is based on the type of tour shot. I mentioned the basic tour which takes about 45 minutes to shoot. The pay for this is $50. The next tour package up takes about 55 minutes to shoot and the pay is $65.

If you have the above items and are interested please send me some samples
of your architectural photography. (If you don’t have any, just take a few
building shots and a few inside shots that include windows.)

Take a look at for sample virtual tours and still photos.

Well maybe it’s an opportunity. I guess you have to decide that.

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Google’s Gmail and Online Documents Saved Me From Disaster

Posted by larrylohrman on June 16, 2007

About 6 months ago I switched from using Outlook to using Gmail. I also moved many of the files that I use for maintaining this blog to Gmail documents which allows one to keep online versions of spreadsheets and Word like documents. In particular I keep the Real Estate Photographer Directory as a online Google spreadsheet. This allows me to update the directory much faster. I also keep several of the articles (the articles under the “Basics” title at the right side of the blog) that I’ve written with Word on google documents. I’ve been very pleased with how the online documents and Gmail work. Google keeps history so you can drop back to previous versions.

Yesterday when the hard disk on my old laptop died while traveling I was particularly pleased with how I was able to keep going with updates to the RE Photographer directory and keep communicating smoothly without a glitch despite the fact that my laptop is inoperable. I’m currently using a browser on my wife’s laptop or I could do the same with any machine anywhere that has Internet access. Of coarse I have to live without Lightroom and Photoshop until I get back home and keep all my photos on memory cards. Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m working on a rental house so I’m not doing much shooting so photo storage is not a problem.

I’m really glad I moved to Gmail!

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We’re Back!

Posted by larrylohrman on May 15, 2007

Sorry about the interruption! In the process of implementing a new domain name I got some name server pointers mess up and the blog has been inaccessible since about  2:00 PM  PST yesterday (May 14th). I’ve learned more than I want to know about name servers in the last 12 hours.

Everything should work the same as it did before that change. You’ll notice that when you type or use the old link “” it will magically change to “” before your eyes. This is brought to you through the magic of name servers.

I’m told that some RSS readers may have difficulties with this magic so you may have to update your reader about the new domain.

Phuu, I’m glad thats over.

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Photography For Real Estate Blog- Two years old

Posted by larrylohrman on April 15, 2007

Photography for Real Estate blog is starting it’s 3rd year of publication tomorrow. For the first year I posted very irregularly but this last year I’ve been posting more regularly. This is the 201st post. Readership has reached an average of around 1500 unique readers per week.

I want to thank all the readers of this blog for all the great ideas. I learn every day from the constant stream of reader ideas and comments.

I have a bunch of ideas for the future. I have a draft for an e-book that compiles all the ideas that I cover in this blog into a more readable format. I just need to get it proof read and stop adding to it. Every day I come up with new and better ideas that I feel I need to add to it before I finalize it. I have to draw the line some place.

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Real Estate Photographer Directory

Posted by larrylohrman on December 5, 2006

I frequently get requests for recommendations for real estate photographers from Realtors. Also, I know real estate photographers are interested in knowing what other real estate photographers around the world are doing. So to fill this need I’ve decided to do a real estate photographer directory. If you’re a real estate photographer and would like your contact information in this directory just click on the link above called “RE Photographer Directory” and leave a comment/reply that contains your contact information. Please include your name, website URL if you have one, and an email or phone number. Also, include information on what area or cities that you serve. I’ll then add you contact information to the directory.

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We’ve moved

Posted by larrylohrman on June 4, 2006

As you probably have noticed, we have moved our blog hosting from to For the last week we've been having technical problems. We've not been able to post and it turns out that it is easier to move to than to fix the problem. And I think the wordpress format is an improvement over the format. Our new URL is:

One of the benefits of the move for readers is that the wordpress format allows better visibility to the over 90 posts we now have in the PFR blog. The category list on the left-hand side of the page allows you to find all posts by category. Recent questions from readers have indicated that readers have been having trouble finding posts by subject. I believe the format will help this problem. I've been having trouble finding links to old post myself.

My objective is to preserve all the features of the Photography For Real Estate blog and add new features. Let me know what you think.

Update on 6/4/06:

I've noticed there are still a few probems with the posts and photo sizing. Some posts link back to the old blog. I'm in the process of fixing these problems. The feedblitz subscribing link is a little different here on since they don't allow forms in the sidebar. The feed here on wordpress is RSS not Atom like it was on blogger. If you've subscribed via feedbliz or feedburner you will now get a feed from this blog location. If this feed jargon doesn't make sense to you should be OK. The old blog address redirects to this blog.

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